Chow Gar Forms

This is not an exhaustive review of forms and, as such, will be expanded upon in due course.

Core Forms

Saam Bo Jin ("Three Step Piercing Arrow")

Saam Jin Yiu Kiu ("Three Step Shaking-Off the Bridge")

Saam Bo Pai Kiu or Saam Gung Pai Kiu ("Three Step Slicing Bridge")

Saam Bo Pin Kiu or Saam Gung Pin Kiu ("Three Step Parallel/Level Arm")

Fut Sau ("Buddhist Hands")

Yee Kup Saam Bo Jin ("Second Level Three Step Piercing Arrow")

Other Empty-Hand Forms

Yum Yearn Kum La Sau ("Yin Yang Seizing Hand")

Sup Baat Yau Loong ("Eighteen Swimming Dragons")

Tow Mo Kuen ("Breathing Mist Form")

Saam Bo Loi Deng Choy ("Three Step Inside ...")

Sup Jee Jau Kau Da Sau ("Continuous Hitting Hands Form")

Chi-Kungs and other Internal Power Drills

Chi Sau ("Grinding Arm")

Doi Jong ("Heavy Arm")

Sup Baat Um Gen Sau ("Eighteen Internal Dark Power Hands")

("Clamping Hands")

Weapon Forms

Ng Hung Kwun ("Five Element Pole Form")

Wong Au ("Yellow Cow Pole Form")

Lau Sui ("Flowing Water Pole Form")

Bo Sim ("Catching Insects Pole Form")

Dok Sei ("Poison Snake Pole Form")

Woo Dip Dow ("Butterfly Knives Form")

Kwan Do ("Kwan Do Form")