One thing you learn very quickly in the study of traditional martial arts is the importance of pedigree or lineage. This both protects the students from upstart self-proclaimed masters (fakes) and helps to ensure the student is learning an undiluted method from a master with Tradition in his heart.

Below is set out the genealogical table of Chow Gar Southern Praying Mantis Kung Fu as related to me by sifu Ip Chee Keung:

Chow Ah Naam


Wong Dao Yun    Wong Fook Go    Chu Long Ba    Choi Te Lau


Lau Sui


Chu Kwong Hua    Ip Shui    Chu Yu Hing    Lum Hwa    Wong Go Chang


Ip Chee Keung


Paul Whitrod

Paul Brennan


  1. The Chow Gar Southern Praying Mantis Kung Fu Grandmasters are printed in bold type in the above table.
  2. This table is by no means complete.
  3. It is often quoted as truth that Sigung Ip Shui married the daughter of his teacher and master, Lau Sui.  This is a simple error.  The correct version is that Sigung Ip Shui's sister married Lau Sui.  Lau Sui fathered no children and adopted a son in late life.
  4. As well as training under Sifu Ip Chee Keung, both Sifu Paul Whitrod and Sifu Tony Leung trained under Sigung Ip Shui.